What does Wales’ public sector look like in 2022?

We’ve been having discussions with various people around what would constitute positive outcomes for the upcoming GovCamp Cymru 2017.

Beyond useful networking and fruitful conversations, which are always good (we know this from past feedback), some thoughts emerged around how the conversations taking place at the event could/should feed into the formal socio-political agenda.

In 5 years’ time, if the topics we are bringing up at GovCamp Cymru 2017 have made it onto the formal/traditional/official agenda, then we will have achieved!

What important aspects of civic life are missing from the formal policy conversations and need to be on decision-makers’ radars?

What will be part of the public services, democracy, and local and national government landscape in 2022 – in an ideal world where these topics will have been heard and brought in to the formal agendas?

GovCamp Cymru 2017 is happening on 14th October.  Join the conversation online on the GovCamp Cymru Slack. (New to Slack?) Join the mailing list for ticket releases, the first batch will be available on Monday 26th June, 10:00am. Find us on twitter and Facebook!

Do you fancy contributing a guest blog post on a topic relevant to public services in Wales? Get in touch with noreen@satorilab.org.

2 thoughts on “What does Wales’ public sector look like in 2022?

  1. Hi Noreen

    Co-production’s an obvious one but instead of talking theory we should come up with something concrete that decision-makers can sign up to with ease and has legs to drive long-term outcomes.

    I suggest it revolves round Welsh Government’s Open Data Plan, which needs a bit of a nudge, and is embedded in the Well-being of Future Generations Act. After speaking to Ben earlier I’ve dropped a big hint by email to Sport Wales and will forward you a copy.


    1. Thanks for your comment Terry! Do you fancy writing a guest post about co-production for this blog? 🙂

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