The Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy: awesome fringe event

GovCamp Cymru fringe event
Friday 26th September
4pm – 6.30pm
All welcome
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Photo By Alan Cleaver
Photo By Alan Cleaver
Are you interested in how digital technology can help people engage with the work of parliament? Do you have any ideas that could shape the way MPs and members of the public interact in the future, or how citizens can share dialogue and bring change?
Join us for an event with the Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy to discuss these themes, along with broader ideas about digital democracy in the UK today.
Everyone is welcome to participate. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to share ideas.
All the ideas from the evening will be documented and fed in to the commission’s report.
The Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy was set up to consider, report and make recommendations on how parliamentary democracy in the United Kingdom can embrace the opportunities afforded by the digital world to become more effective in its work. The commission will report its findings in early 2015.
The GovCamp Cymru team will be inviting delegates to join them for dinner in Cardiff at 7pm after this event.  We will need you to register that you are coming so we can book the table.
Please note: this is not sponsored and guests cover the costs of their meal and drinks.