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Wales as an innovation nation

Last year our platinum sponsor PA Consulting investigated the landscape and opportunities around innovation in Wales. They began with insights from delegates at GovCamp Cymru 2016, and continued by talking to individuals and organisations who want to see Wales on the global innovation stage.

In their report published in January 2017, these were their conclusions:
– Wales is punching below its weight;
– Wales needs to focus its attentions in key areas of competitive edge;
– Wales needs to see Brexit as a game-changing opportunity to impact the self-effacing nature of delivering success for and in Wales.

Click the link below to view &/or download a summary of the PA Consulting report that began at GovCamp Cymru 2016.

PA Consulting report summary: GovCamp Cymru Innovation Report January 2017

Do you agree that Wales could do better at innovation? What should the focus be for the next few years?

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