Media Release – Anti-bureaucratic, pro-citizen: Is GovCamp Cymru the new face of government in Wales?

Tuesday 23rd September 2014

On Saturday, over 100 people from all over the UK will come together in Cardiff to discuss the future of public services and society in Wales.

This govcamp is an event, also known as an unconference, that has attendees leading the programme – there’s no agenda until the start of the day when people make suggestions for what they’d like to talk about. It’s free to attend.

Esko Reinikainen, co founder of Cardiff based Satori Lab, is one of the organisers:

“It’s open to anyone: public, private, whatever sector, whether this stuff is your work, or you’re just passionate about it.

“The event is about how we mobilise a network of changemakers to get to work on those issues that are affecting services and fundamentally changing society right now.

“This is not a conference, there’s no entrance fee and people are attending in their own time because they’re passionate about what they want for Wales.

“We have citizens, CEOs, public servants, tech companies and others coming together. But status and job titles don’t come into it, we’re linking up people to share ideas and start making things happen on the day.”

There are a few last minute tickets available, for more information and to book go to


Issued by Helen Reynolds (@HelReynolds) on behalf of the Satori Lab

Read more about how it works on our GovCamp Cymru explained

For more information on the event or to arrange to send a reporter/photographer contact The Satori Lab Ltd. They are:

Esko Reinikainen
07801 933068 | esko @satorilab .org | @reinikainen

Jo Carter
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Danielle Beck
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