Events, info and what’s going on

Friday 26th September
The day before Govcamp Cymru there will be a fringe event with the Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy. from 4pm – 6.30pm.
Got an idea for a fringe event that you want to put on?  Get in touch! We welcome ideas and will help if we can: email us or tweet or get in touch on Facebook.

The GovCamp Cymru team will be inviting delegates to join them for dinner in Cardiff at 7pm after this event.  We will need you to register that you are coming so we can book the table.
Please note: this is not sponsored and guests cover the costs of their meal and drinks.
Some handy suggestions for those of you who don’t live near by by.
Saturday 27th September
It’s GovCamp Cymru at the Parade Hall!
All the details about what to expect are on the GovCamp Cymru Explained page.
It’s a Saturday night, you’ll be buzzing with ideas and have made lots of new contacts – we’ll be encouraging those who want to stay around in the city centre for drinks and food. Collaborate, connect, inspire and party! More details about that here soon…