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  1. A really interesting debate. Following the discussion on Saturday 27th I was impressed by 2 ideas:

    1) Have a selection of projects ready 4 to 5 months in advance

    Line up projects with strategic fit which could be delivered in the March timescale – maybe through the voluntary sector or stepping stone contracs for smaller local businesses. Make sure that the suppliers are on approved lists and are in packages that suit different procurement regulations e.g. up to £5k, up to £25k etc?

    2) Accept the figure of 9% and work with it

    Could there be a grace period to spend the 9% – perhaps over 2 to 3 months? If an organisation fails to spend then they no longer get the chance in the following year – perhaps a score for how good they are spending their MM cash?!?

    A really good idea to discuss this subject!!



  2. Looking forward to starting to build new structures and systems with Heidi Ingle-Gillis that will create more grassroots democracy. Anyone want to join us?

  3. Hi guys, looking fwd to next week. I think we’ve got a great opportunity in Wales for a GDS model that goes public sector wide. I believe we’ve got much stronger, closer, established networks that span the whole of the public sector from Welsh Gov, NHS, public health, third sector, local gov etc. I think a GDS Cymru model that spans all public sector has huge potential for digital redesign of public services… So great idea/pitch! 🙂

  4. Looks like something worth pitching to me.
    Was wondering if it might be worth pulling in some support, a couple of subject matter experts?
    Ben Procter who wrote the original article is fairly close at hand in Hereford. He might be coming, or might be willing to skype?
    Also, the Local Government Data Unit are fairly close by, any of them going, might be worth asking Clover about that.
    Just a few thoughts

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