Bara Brith Camp

A common theme of feedback from GovCamp Cymru was people didn’t want to wait a year before meeting up again. People demonstrated a need to have smaller, less formal events to continue the conversations and share learning.

Bara Brith Camp was born!

Bara Brith Camp happens every 6 weeks to keep community momentum between annual GovCamp Cymru events.  The format is flexible and relaxed.  We aim to provide a platform to share useful information and allow participants to share their ideas and problems so they can benefit from the wisdom and insight of the other participants.

How does it work?

Solving problems & sharing ideas
Solving problems & sharing ideas

Each session has two speakers followed by a ‘Question and Answer’ session. After the event, we go to the pub to carry on the conversation.

The speakers should talk about one of the following:

  1. An idea to share
  2. A problem that needs solving – something the community can help with

Who is it for?

Bara Brith Camp is for motivated people working in or with the public sector. Building trusted relationships is of great importance to us but it’s not all talk, what we really want to do is to help each other solve real life problems that improve our communities and services.

First Bara Brith Camp
First Bara Brith Camp

Want to get involved?

If you would like to join us on at our next Bara Brith Camp event visit us on Eventbrite and/or follow GovCamp Cymru on Twitter.

Interested in sponsoring a  forthcoming Bara Brith Camp? Please get in touch with us at

Want to hear more about previous Bara Brith Camps?

You can read all about our first Bara Brith Camp in this blog about the importance of trust by the fabulous Dyfrig Williams from the Good Practice Exchange at Wales Audit Office